Hello, my name is Adam McDaniel.
I'm a Software Engineer.

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I'm a twenty-one year old musician🎸, programmer, and graduate student🎓. I've been writing Python🐍 since 7th grade, and Rust🦀 is my favorite programming language.

Compiler design is easily my favorite subject in computer science. I have an unending fondness for Turing Tarpits and SKI combinator calculus.

Although most of my work is in compilers, I love to write other kinds of software. Check out all my projects!

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A programming language that's wise beyond its bytes!

Sage is a programming language with an extremely simple yet powerful virtual machine. It's designed to run side-effecting code☢️ across multiple devices while still functioning as intended. It also implements parametric polymorphism⚗️, and uses algebraic data types🧮 with pattern matching🎯! It can even compile in the browser, check out the web demo!

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Code Synthesis and Optimization with Genetic Algorithms🧬

A genetic algorithm that evolves🦠 programs to solve problems.

Evolution could potentially be a powerful tool🛠️ for improving code, but evolving code in widely-used languages is very difficult due to disruptive mutations: syntax trees do not make for great genomes. This research project implements a novel Turing tape📼 based architecture to facilitate better evolution. Some compiler generated programs for the architecture shrank 20% in code size with the genetic algorithm!

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Reddit Analysis📊

A data analysis project📈 that analyzes Reddit posts📝.

This project analyses the sentiments of Reddit posts, comments, and comment replies to get a measure of the different qualities of various communities. It uses natural language processing🧠 to categorize each post into different topics, and then uses sentiment analysis to determine metrics like inquisitiveness, condemnation, positivity, and more.

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